As with all tech articles, the actual article is very interesting, but the embedded links are even more intriguing.

Read more: Verizon is scared of the truth

Verizon is backing a publication called Sugarstring that covers technology, culture, and entertainment. All of the advertisements on Sugarstring are for Verizon. The color palette — red, everywhere — screams Verizon. Its about page, which says “Sugarstring publishes thoughtful tech-focused stories that track humanity’s climb towards the new next” appears to have been written by a corporate robot employed by Verizon. Every page brandishes a badge to let you know that the content you have just consumed has been ???s????? ?? ???????. There’s just two things Verizon won’t be presenting, which happen to be two of the biggest stories in the world right now: stories about how Verizon is fucking over America.

As The Daily Dot has learned, Sugarstring expressly prohibits its reporters from writing anything about domestic surveillance or net neutrality. (But reporting on foreign surveillance, The Daily Dot noted, is just fine!) If you’ve been reading the news for the past year, you’ll know that Verizon is heavily involved in both of these areas. As the country’s largest wireless provider it was one of the first companies implicated in the NSA’s scandalous call record collection program. And as one of the country’s largest internet service providers it has thrown its weight behind killing net neutrality and making the internet worse for everyone.

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