Hip-Hop Could Be The Key To Beating Mental Illness

by Rachel Baker on June 27, 2015

Because of the fundamental message of hope found in hip-hop, this type of music could be (and is being used) to help combat some of our darker mental illnesses like bipolar episodes or periods of depression.

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Indeed, hip-hop breaches ostensibly impenetrable cultural divides, breeding solidarity among people with disparate backgrounds.

This is precisely why recent albums like Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly have been widely celebrated and even used by high school teachers to teach lessons about race and oppression.

Beyond enlightening people on race, poverty, the War on Drugs and the inner city, it also appears hip-hop has a hidden benefit as a powerful tool against mental illness.

A study from Cambridge University found that hip-hop is extremely effective in combatting depression, bipolar disorder and addiction.

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