Congress Delayed New Funding to Help Rape Victims

by Rachel Baker on September 22, 2014

Mother Jones is providing really good background information discussion on the backlog of untested rape kit backlogs.. In fairness, there are a whole lot of other programs that are also have delays in new funding; and each of them are equally important.

Pointing out the lack of funding to help Rape Victims is a tactic to help you understand what it means when the house and senate decide stop-gap spending bills are appropriate. They aren’t. The recent bill they passed for short-term spending was so they could keep the government operating until mid-December; which really means until they get back from mid-terms and they know which way the cards fell, if you were.

Frankly, regardless of whether you are Democrat or Republican, or black, white, yellow, brown or green, you need to consider these things when heading to the polls in November for mid-term elections. Maybe you don’t think the backlog of untested rape kits are important, but I’m pretty sure there’s probably something that’s been approved but gotten no funding for that you do support.

Congress can’t continue to work this way. Its truly not good for the American people.

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