I’m not entirely sure what this truly means; and I’m not sure if it really affects all that many average people; and further, I’m not sure if its something that the average user will even notice…but I do think its important to be informed and to at least have seen the story and know a little something about it, in case we start hearing a lot more about it.

So, go…be informed.

The Internet runs atop a standard called Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), and every device using the Internet needs an IPv4 address. Those addresses are running out, though, and the authority that doles out IPv4 addresses just entered a new, more restrictive phase for those who need them.

This doesn’t affect the average person, but it does affect Internet service providers, businesses that want to launch new online services, and Internet registrar companies that set up new domain names for customers.

“We are approaching runout of IPv4 space availability in this region,” said John Curran, president of American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), in a mailing list announcement Wednesday. ARIN is down to its last 16.7 million addresses — down from twice that number last August.

Accordingly, it began new restrictions in the US and Canada as part of phase 4 of its IPv4 countdown. Those wanting any blocks of IP addresses now need the approval of ARIN reviewers. (There are four other registries around the world that allocate IPv4 addresses for other regions.)

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Microsoft offers ad-free Bing for the classroom

April 24, 2014 news

This is excellent. The battle for young minds has actually truly begun. Sure, all the youngun’s want an IPhone (great job, Apple), but it will be fascinating now to see how much Microsoft mobile jumps in the years to come because kids are using bing and microsoft in the classroom. He who truly wins the [...]

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Two More Prominent Hospitals Halt Hysterectomy Procedure

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Alright, Ladies, this one is for you…be aware of what devices are being used on your lady parts. Be self-aware enough to ask the questions that need to be ask to protect your body from future concerns. Two additional prominent medical institutions said Wednesday they are halting the use of a popular surgical device after [...]

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Warhol works recovered from old Amiga disks

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This is pretty cool – it looks like Andy Warhol was ahead of the curve on figuring out how to use the digital medium to express oneself. I wonder what his account would have looked like if he’d had instagram… A dozen previously unknown works created by Andy Warhol have been recovered from 30-year-old Amiga [...]

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Is climate change to blame for the deadly Mount Everest avalanche?

April 23, 2014 news

Mother Nature Network asks. Its a good question and probably a pretty valid assumpion. “In 1989 when I first climbed Everest there was a lot of snow and ice, but now most of it has just become bare rock. That, as a result, is causing more rock falls, which is a danger to the climbers,” [...]

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Only 20 percent of Americans surveyed believe in Big Bang, 33 percent believe in Evolution

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And the age old debate of science versus religion continues… Last night, Chris Matyszczyk at cnet.com posted an article about the dismay scientists express at an AP/GfK survey that suggests people have a great deal of skepticism towards science. Editor’s Note: I have posted two polls referenced in the cnet article – one about the [...]

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U.S. Gas Price Rises—Along With Exports

April 22, 2014 jobs

I find the timing of this article interesting. The Obama administration pushed back the decision on the Keystone Pipeline; and the delay is apparently causing serious issues for the management and investors of TransCaada, the project’s developer. And now, gasoline prices are rising in the U.S. because we are exporting too much gas. Anyone want [...]

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