Its always great when a big company does something that is incredibly environmentally friendly. It will be interesting to see if this ends up increasing the cost of General Mills products; though, regardless, its a great move and one that people will reward.

The maker of Cheerios says climate change isn’t just bad for humanity, it’s bad for business.

So General Mills has unveiled a corporate policy that includes insisting that its suppliers take steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions as well as water usage.

The company says in a blog post that weather conditions such as drought, floods and excessive heat can decrease output of the crops that make up its famous cereal and other food products. It also says changing weather patterns can affect delivery of products to customers.

General Mills, which also makes Haagen-Dazs ice cream and Green Giant vegetables, previously announced plans to cut its own greenhouse gas emissions. But it said that nearly two-thirds of those emissions and 99% of its water use come from suppliers rather than its own operations.

General Mills to demand suppliers cut greenhouse gases

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