August 2013

US-Born Jains Make Their Ascetic Faith Work

by Rachel Baker on August 31, 2013

The United States, as we all know, is a melting pot of different world-wide cultures. The NYTimes published an article mid month about how US-born Jains, whose parents or grandparents uphold their religious traditions from their homeland of India, have been able to adapt their religious beliefs to modern life in the United States.

They are expanding the definition of nonviolence to encompass environmentalism, animal rights and corporate business ethics, flocking to veganism, volunteering alongside other faiths and learning to lobby through political internships and youth groups.

“Youth are a lot more interested in learning the why of things instead of just blindly following it,” said Priyal Gandhi, an 18-year-old from northern Virginia. “I don’t think we’ve lost the faith. I think it’s about finding new ways to adapt to it.”

There’s a very interesting video/interview on PBS also:

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Pee-Wee Leagues More Dangerous than NFL

August 31, 2013 health

The discussion of concussions a pretty important  conversation to be having when it comes to the health of athletes, but are we overlooking an incredibly vital discussion regarding the health of our young boys who are playing Pee-Wee football? Dr. Ann McKee, chief neuropathologist at Boston University who testified before a House Judiciary committee on […]

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Alfred Brendel’s notes from the concert hall

August 31, 2013 arts

The start of September brings the publication of Alfred Brendel’s new book, A Pianist’s A-Z: A Piano Lover’s Reader There’s a wonderful first look at the pianist’s, book at The Guardian. Alfred Brendel is one of the greatest pianists in the world. Here he distils a lifetime’s musical knowledge from how to play Bach, Mozart […]

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Awesome Pre-Fab Houses

August 31, 2013 real estate

These aren’t your grandma’s pre-fabricated homes! When some people hear pre-fab home, they instantly thing “double-wide” or a flimsy-looking cookie cutter house built from cheap materials. The reality is, pre-fabricated homes are becoming more sophisticated by the second. To help dispel any misconceptions, we’ve rounded up five amazing houses that you’d never guess were built […]

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The Race for Replicators in Space has Begun

August 31, 2013 science

Tethers Unlimited is hoping to develop a 3-D printing and robotic assembly that can build spaceship parts while in orbit. NASA has always built its spacecraft on Earth, but aerospace startup Tethers Unlimited is hoping to change that process by developing a system that combines 3D printing and robotic assembly to build spaceship parts in […]

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Blueberries, Apples and Grapes Cut Type-2 Diabetes Risk

August 30, 2013 food

A new study suggests that Blueberries and Apples help to cut the risk of Type-2 Diabetes. However, fruit juice did not yield the same results. Eating more fruit, particularly blueberries, apples and grapes, is linked to a reduced risk of developing type-2 diabetes, suggests a study in the British Medical Journal. Blueberries cut the risk […]

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Camp Like Royalty

August 30, 2013 travel

Thinking about going on a camping trip, but hate all the logistics involved? In California, one could have their whole camping experience catered by Shelter Co. Husband and wife team Kelsey and Mike Sheofsky are the duo behind Shelter Co., which they call “a pop-up luxury camping service.” The couple has partnered with properties in […]

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Wrestling, Squash and Baseball-Softball Await Their Fate

August 30, 2013 sports

Three sports were shortlisted to be the final addition to events in 2020 Olympics. September 8th is the day they find out which sport will make the appearance. Wrestling’s seven-month stay in Olympic purgatory is almost complete. The ancient sport will either emerge from its ultimate crisis stronger than ever – or be forced to […]

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Scientists Grow Mini-Brain in Lab

August 30, 2013 health

Scientists have grown tissue that has all the parts of the parts of the human brain. Scientists have long been taunted by the human brain. After all, the very organ that gives us knowledge remains largely unmastered — something President Obama has set to rectify, in part, with an ambitious effort to map the brain. […]

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