December 2013

Rudolph the Reindeer Could Really Have a Red Nose

by Rachel Baker on December 25, 2013

For all you kids who are at the age where you poo-poo all over the Santa and the Reindeer story, here’s some possible proof:

The story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer may be based on scientific fact, according to the findings from a new study.

Researchers in Sweden have used thermal imaging cameras to capture the heat coming from reindeer as they graze.

They found that while most of the animals are well insulated by their fur, their noses glow bright orange in the images due to the large amounts of heat they release.

This is because reindeer have a high concentration of blood vessels in their nose and lips to help keep them warm and sensitive when rummaging through snow as they search for food.

Professor Ronald Kröger, a zoologist at Lund University in Sweden, said that in some cases these even led to the animals mule, or snout, taking on a reddish colour in cold weather.

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Phoenix Says It Has Ended Chronic Homelessness Among Veterans

December 24, 2013 health

This is an incredible and wonderful feel good story for the holidays. As a veteran, I am so happy to hear about this. There are several other cities using the same model that Phoenix has used. I hope its sustainable, and they are forever successful! Phoenix says it eradicated chronic veteran homelessness Wednesday. Three years […]

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Wanna Dab? Inside The Mainstream Explosion of Cannabis Concentrates

December 22, 2013 health

This is a really important article to read if you are a pot-smoker and up for experimentation with concentrated forms of cannabis. Recently, at a pot-centered radio program, someone offered me a “dab” of butane honey oil (BHO)—a concentrated form of cannabis. “This stuff is soooooo clean!” he mused. “You have to try it.” Never […]

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Kevin Hart’s ‘I Wish’ Remix

December 22, 2013 arts

For your viewing pleasure: here’s a cool video of Kevin Hart’s remix of ‘I wish’ Actor Kevin Hart has released a remix of Skee-Lo’s “I Wish,” featuring Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and Andre Iguodala, to promote his upcoming movie Ride Along. Check out the remainder of the article here:

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Tech Gifts for Videophiles

December 22, 2013 holiday

Here’s some last minute ideas for some cool gifts for your favorite techies: Unsure what sort of tech gift to get for the videophiles in your life this holiday season? From lower end to higher end, we’ve got you covered. For $30 you can’t beat a good setup disc. Get the most out of your […]

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Opioids addictions and possible treatments for teens

December 22, 2013 health

Here’s an interesting article about teen addiction to painkillers and treatments to help. Abuse of prescription (Rx) medications, particularly of Rx opioids (medicines that treat pain), continues to be one of the nation’s most concerning health problems. Mistakenly, many adolescents believe that Rx opioids are safe because they are prescribed by a doctor. But when […]

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Home sales drop to lowest level in almost a year

December 20, 2013 money

The National Association of Realtors are concerned about how the Federal Housing Finance Agency plans to decrease the maximum size of mortgages that can be bought by finance agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac U.S. home resales fell sharply in November to their lowest level in nearly a year, hurt by a rise in […]

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Best Sites to Find Qualified Pet Sitters

December 20, 2013 news

People travel during the holiday season – its just fact, but what do people with pets too large to take on the trip? People all over the country are offering an alternative to boarding pets at a kennel. When Airbnb launched five years ago, it revolutionized travel. Instead of paying upwards of $200 a night […]

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Review of book League of Denial

December 20, 2013 books

With CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) so much at the forefront of sports, specifically NFL and MLB, news right now, a review of the book League of Denial is worth sharing. According to the reviewer, this book will make you want to stop watching football. The book is League of Denial, from brothers Mark Fainaru-Wada (co-author […]

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