January 2014

The only thing nutritionists agree on: Give Up Sugar

by Rachel Baker on January 31, 2014

All dieticians and nutritionists can agree on this one and only thing: The need to give up sugar. This article breaks down why.

For every person recommending some new health fix, there’s another person telling you to try the opposite. Here’s one area where everyone who knows the score is on the same page.

It’s been called a poison, a drug and a toxin, and scientists have started blaming it for everything from obesity to heart disease to diabetes. It’s sugar—specifically, added sugar, not the kind in fruit—and while we all know we should eat it “in moderation,” that can be almost impossible (we’ll explain why in a minute). While there are a million ways to lose weight, feel better and improve your health, giving up added sugar—as unfathomable as that might seem to those of us who live for sweet rewards, motivators and indulgences—is the only strategy that health care providers everywhere would support. Here’s why:

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Kenyan firm turns flip-flops into art

January 31, 2014 arts

This firm in Kenya has done amazing things for the environment by turning used flip-flops into art. What do you do with a pair of old flip-flops? Not an idle question as the planet produces billions of pairs of non-biodegradable pairs every year. But now a Kenyan biologist turned businesswoman has at least a partial […]

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J.C. Penney’s Pricing Is Faker Than Ever

January 31, 2014 money

JC Penney is having a tough time keeping customers and here’s one of the reasons why. Just in time for Valentine’s Day gift-buying season, J.C. Penney is jacking up list prices just so that it can slash them and make the sale price seem more impressive. Many retailers engage in what’s known as “price anchoring.” […]

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Schools That Starve Students to Punish Deadbeat Parents

January 31, 2014 food

Have you seen this? Its completely incomprehensible, and yet, sadly incredibly believable. Picture this. School-age children with rumbling tummies move their styrofoam trays in an orderly lunch line. It’s Tuesday, and at Uintah Elementary School in Salt Lake City that means one thing for excited youngsters: pizza day. Students fill their trays with deep-dish pepperoni […]

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Forgotten sequence of Space Shuttle Challenger pictures revive memories of the 1986 disaster

January 28, 2014 news

Twenty-eight years ago today, the Challenger blew up over Florida. In light of this anniversary, National Geographic has put up a couple of stories (and then taken one of them down). This first article was originally published on National Geographic, but its no longer available. Here’s the article and the pictures from another place on […]

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Consider the Carrot

January 27, 2014 food

This is a fantastic article written by C.P. Gurnani, the CEO and managing director of Tech Mahindra, an information technology company with 85,000 employees. It was written from Davos, Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum. He is looking at the question of food waste, and how to rectify it in terms of attacking the food […]

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Trickle-down economics is the greatest broken promise of our lifetime

January 27, 2014 money

This is an interesting opinion piece by Alex Andreou at The Guardian. There are 679 comments, and the discussion is probably more interesting than the article itself. why are most governments continuing to fiddle with supply-side levers in order to revive the economy, when it is abundantly clear it does not work? The simple answer […]

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Video games change the way you dream

January 27, 2014 health

Here is an interesting article about how video games (alternate reality) affects the way we dream (another alternate reality). Editor’s Note: I love my video game dreams!  They are the most vivid, coolest and most meaningful dreams I can remember having. Maybe you’re meandering, alone and lost, through an abandoned castle surrounded by a crocodile-filled […]

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Microsoft’s Tablet Strategy Pays Off

January 25, 2014 money

Even though there are reports of computer companies selling Windows 7 again, rather than Windows 8, Microsoft is doing something right! Editor’s note: Frankly, I can’t help but wonder if they are going to push the restart button and fire their Windows 8 marketing department, replace it with a new one and move forward from […]

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