March 2014

NY Mets Opening Day 2014

by Rachel Baker on March 31, 2014

Today is Opening Day in Major League Baseball, and the NY Mets Dillon Gee is on the hill at CitiField at 1:10PM against the Washington Nationals and their ace Stephen Strasburg to get the season started. NYFS has all the details and great live in game discussion in the opening day IGT on their Mets message boards.

Today is Opening Day, Dillon Gee is on the bump at CitiField at 1:10PM against the Washington Nationals and their ace Stephen Strasburg. Will Ike Davis or Lucas Duda get the nod at 1B? Will Eric Young, JR be leading off? Will Juan Lagares play every day?

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Reports of a Drop in Childhood Obesity Are Overblown

March 31, 2014 health

Over at, Emily Oster questions whether or not the reports of a decrease in childhood obesity are overblown. Her training as an economist who specializes in health care stats gives her a unique perspective and she shares it with the rest of us. It is no secret that the United States has a weight […]

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Study finds online gamers aren’t antisocial basement dwellers

March 31, 2014 health

Gamers unite! In fact, that’s sort of the point of this story – the majority of gamers aren’t anti-social; and they are very much community oriented as a rule – particularly those that play online massive multiplayer roleplaying games like World of Warcraft. Maybe…just maybe, this will help the conservatives of the world find reasons […]

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As whiskey market consolidates, a skirmish in Tennessee

March 31, 2014 books

March 27th was International Whiskey Day. As the years go by, multinational corporations have made the name of this ‘holiday’ more appropriate than it was the last year. Here’s the story: Happy International Whiskey Day — a day with a name that gets more appropriate with each passing year as multinational corporations continue to strengthen […]

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In Celebration of Opening Day: Unseen Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig Footage

March 31, 2014 news

Here is a gem to help you celebrate Opening Day. It doesn’t matter who your favorite baseball team is, you most likely will be able to appreciate this story. A researcher found unseen footage of Babe Ruth’s first game of the 1025 season AND the beginning of Lou Gehrig’s consecutive games streak where he didn’t […]

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Small Towns You Should Totally Add to your Roadtrip Itinerary

March 29, 2014 money

Small towns often get overlooked when it comes to itinerary planning for the summer roadtrip, even though for the last three years Smithsonian Magazine puts out a list of the top 20 small towns in America. Take a look at this list, of 10 small towns in very different parts of the country. Consider adding […]

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New Research Shows Poorly Understood “Leaky Gut Syndrome” Is Real, May Be the Cause of Several Diseases

March 28, 2014 food

Leaky Gut… ever hear of it? According to the free dictionary, Leaky Gut is a gastrointestinal tract dysfunction caused by antibiotics, toxins, poor diet, parasites or infections, leading to increased intestinal wall permeability and absorption of toxins, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc; LGS may be linked to allergy and autoimmunity. And…the medical community is very hesitant […]

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Microsoft now expects to close deal with Nokia in April

March 27, 2014 news

The Microsoft/Nokia deal has been pushed back to probably April, due to the amount of regulatory approvals they must get before closing on the deal. The deal, announced by Microsoft in September 2013, is for Microsoft to buy Nokia’s Devices and Services division, license patents and mapping for $7.2B. When Microsoft announced plans to buy […]

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An Unexpected Discovery in the Brains of Autistic Children

March 27, 2014 health

With all the discussion in the scientific community about how scientists publish studies in journals for the sake of publishing, one would be hesitant to reference any study found in a journal without adequate individual research. That said, here’s an article about a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (the link […]

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