April 2014

Intentionally Fouling DeAndre Jordan Is Futile

by Rachel Baker on April 30, 2014

With Game 6 of the NBA playoffs between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers, tomorrow night, this article should be required reading for the Clippers.

Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson is one of its most ardent disciples. In 2012, Jackson famously helped Howard set the NBA record for free throw attempts in a game by telling his players to foul Howard repeatedly. Throughout his three years as a head coach, Jackson has done the same against Jordan and Drummond, and he’s carried the hacking strategy into this year’s playoffs. With three minutes left in Game 1 against the Los Angeles Clippers, the Warriors were up 100-97 and hacked Jordan, a 43 percent free-throw shooter this year. Even though Jordan made both free throws, the strategy earned the praise of preeminent basketball minds like Haralabos Voulgaris, a stats-driven basketball forecaster.

The basic math of the “Hack-A-DJ” strategy goes like this: If DeAndre Jordan shoots 43 percent from the free-throw line, fouling him yields two shots and 0.86 expected points. Compare that to the Clippers’ average points per possession this season — 1.12 — and it becomes clear that an intentional foul strategy is, on its face, a savvy one.

Except it’s not, once you factor in all the things that happen before and after a free throw.1 With a big data assist from ESPN’s Stats & Info group on the Clippers’ and Jordan’s performance over the past two seasons, my calculations make clear that Hack-A-DJ is not a clear-cut winning strategy.

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Diners go mobile: 3 ways to attract patrons on the go

April 30, 2014 food

Here’s some really good advice for restaurant owners on how to keep up digitally with their clientele. It’s no secret that consumers consistently turn to their smartphones and tablets to figure out where they’d like to have their next dining experience. In fact, people have become so dependent on their handheld devices that in Q4, […]

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Buying Beats Renting in Half of US Metros

April 30, 2014 money

Zillow has a good chart that shows how many years it would take before owning a home would be more financially advantageous than renting the same home. This is good information if you life in one of the United States metro areas and are trying to figure out whether you should rent or buy. According […]

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Should Christian Parents Ban Books

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There’s an interesting article over at Old Musty Books about banning books in the home and the everlasting effects that may have on the children.  The semantics of the article title are also discussed. If we ask the question “should Christian parents ban books” then we are really not asking about the book they want […]

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Radio Host, Discussing Donald Sterling’s Comments, Argues All Racists Must Be Atheists

April 29, 2014 news

This is a conversation I think is worth delving into. Neither the radio host mentioned nor the person writing the article below are expressing themselves well enough, and frankly both seem to be finger-pointing at the other person’s belief structure. In an adult world, we all know the following to be true: not all people who believe […]

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Why Is The Oil Industry Giving Millions To The NRA? | ThinkProgress

April 29, 2014 money

If you are ever curious about why people in our legislative branch votes the way they do, all you have to do is follow the money. Last week, a $1 million donation by a large Texas oil company to the NRA became an issue in New York City, where the city comptroller asked Clayton Williams […]

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The Physics of Spider-Man’s Webs

April 29, 2014 news

Have you ever wondered whether or not Spider-Man’s webs could actually be functional and work? Well, thanks to wired.ccom, we are able to check out the physics behind the webs. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Spider-Man is his ability to shoot webs. Now, let’s be clear. Spider-Man’s webs are a technology based super-power. Forget […]

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What’s The Best Way To Build a Major League Baseball Team?

April 28, 2014 money

Here is an informative article from fivethirtyeight.com that looks at the best ways to build a MLB team. This should be of particular interest to NY Mets fans, since Sandy Alderson seems to be taking his sweet time building a winning team. “Moneyball” told the story of a plucky Oakland A’s team that exploited market […]

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Florida Set to Join Trend Toward Higher Speed Limits

April 28, 2014 news

I can’t help but wonder why this may seem like a good idea to the Florida Senate. I travel those highways in Florida, and frankly, any higher of a speed limit than what it already is would cause great issues. What tends to happen at this point, is if the speed limit is 70, some […]

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