The Future of Life Under the Dome

by Rachel Baker on August 19, 2013

Under the Dome, the TV Show inspired by the Stephen King book, has already been showing in the US.  Soon, it will be in the UK.  The has a veryinformative article about the show on their site about the history of the book, the show and why the differences between the book and the show are what they are. The article also includes a link to the letter King wrote to his fans re: the differences.


Stephen King first had the idea to write his sci-fi novel Under The Dome in the 1970s…it was eventually published in 2009 after two previously failed attempts to finish it.

Its success led Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks Television to swiftly announce it was developing it for TV and the series has now hit the small screen.

Now US network CBS has announced it has commissioned a second series – the first episode of which, King will write himself.

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