Peanut Butter – A Good Addition to Breakfast

by Rachel Baker on August 28, 2013

Everyone knows that eating a good breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. A very small study recently showed that adding peanut butter to your breakfast routine could help suppress food cravings for up to 12 hours. Whether this is true or not, peanut butter is an awesome source of protein and other nutrients and probably isn’t a bad addition to breakfast.

The results of the blood work indicate a couple of reasons why this might be the case, says Richard Mattes, PhD, professor of food and nutrition at Purdue University: For one thing, participants who ate peanuts had higher levels of peptide YY, a hormone that makes you feel full after eating (levels of the hormone were even higher in participants who ate peanut butter). When the women had eaten peanuts or peanut butter with breakfast, their blood sugar levels also spiked less after they had a carb-heavy lunch.

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