A Texas Megachurch is Preaching the Gospel of Drones

by Rachel Baker on August 29, 2014

Using a military spin to discuss the concepts of God and the ideas of religion seems like a dangerous place to go when there are military-like actions being used by (and on) religious militants in other parts of the world (especially when we use drones specifically to strike). Frankly, using drones as a metaphor for God seems like one step away from taunting said militants. It truly seems like this should be thought through a little bit more.

There are videos of the three sermons referenced below at the link.

A Texas megachurch is preaching the gospel of drones

Imagine that there’s a powerful, invisible force hovering above you in the sky. It sees everything, controls everything—you can keep no secrets from it. If it wanted to, it could kill you instantly.

Now what do you see—a drone? Or God? Ed Young, the pastor of the Fellowship Church, a megachurch based in Dallas-Fort Worth, with branches in Miami and London, wants you to think of both.

In three sermons delivered this month (first shared by the online journal the New Inquiry), he uses drones as a metaphor for God, who, in Young’s conception, is essentially a massive surveillance system.

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