Americans Think the Government Should Fight Poverty

by Rachel Baker on January 13, 2014

Apparently, 86% of all Americans think the government should play a big role in fighting poverty and that the poor do not face a level playing field when it comes to equality of opportunity. Below article and link, there’s a link to the report.

Fifty years after President Lyndon Johnson announced a “War on Poverty,” a majority of Americans believe that persistent economic hardship is the result of a broken economy, not of personal or government failures. They broadly agree that the government has a responsibility to use its resources to fight poverty, and should pursue a target of reducing it by half over the next decade.

Those are the conclusions of a public opinion survey published Tuesday by the Center for American Progress. The report assessed perceptions of poverty in general, as well as opinions of the War on Poverty in retrospect and of policy proposals on the table now. As lawmakers move to cut benefits and refuse to consider serious investments in the economy, in education and in healthcare, the survey is another reminder that those are precisely the investments people want the government to make.

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The Report from Center for American Progress:

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