Apparently, the Grocery Store Isn’t Going to Survive

by Rachel Baker on September 4, 2015

While eventually this might be an actual story, I think its sort of hilarious. The grocery store is going to survive, no matter how many iterations there are of specialty stores and designer grocery shopping options evolve.

The demographic that doesn’t seem to be considered in a statement like “it is over and done with” is the poor or nearly poor. This demographic will always help the grocery store survive because they won’t be able to afford the other options…no matter how many years go by.

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Grocery store turns 99, its survival in doubt

And today, just as it did 99 years ago, the grocery industry may once again be standing on the precipice of a seismic shift.

“The traditional supermarket, in my opinion, is a dinosaur,” says Phil Lempert, an industry analyst who has studied the supermarket industry for more than 25 years. “It is over and done with.”

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