Are the Xbox and unleaded gas helping keep you safe from violent crime?

by Rachel Baker on January 7, 2014

This is a very interesting article. I’m not sure the validity of the reasons for decreased crime as stated in this article, but I think these reasons are completely worth considering.

Sharper policing strategies, stiffer prison sentences and newer technologies are again being credited as police officials proffer explanations for the two-decade decline in violent crime in America’s biggest cities.

But experts say the real reasons behind the downturn — which included double-digit decreases in homicide rates last year in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles — are more complicated and may involve factors as mundane as that X-Box sitting in the living room, Americans’ changing work habits and what comes out of your gas pump.

Here are seven other seldom-mentioned factors that those who study crime — and even some who fight it – say may be helping keep a lid on harmful behavior:

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