Best Sites to Find Qualified Pet Sitters

by Rachel Baker on December 20, 2013

People travel during the holiday season – its just fact, but what do people with pets too large to take on the trip? People all over the country are offering an alternative to boarding pets at a kennel.

When Airbnb launched five years ago, it revolutionized travel. Instead of paying upwards of $200 a night for a decent hotel room in places like New York, San Francisco or Miami, people could rent a spare bedroom or sofa for a fraction of the price from a local who may likely share insider advice on where to go and how to best get there.

Now several services exist that are designed for your dog. That’s right — tens of thousands of people around the country are opening up their homes or offering to sit for your pet at your home.

Here are three online services that provide a great alternative to a kennel stay for your precious pet while you’re out of town.

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