Bloody Hell, Mother Nature Sucks

by Rachel Baker on December 1, 2013

Women are almost schizophrenic about their body functions – on the outside, we never, ever talk about our periods. Its a delicate, gross process that we all have to deal with in silence – even the commercials for tampons and pads are pretty metaphoric. But…get us in a room with our closest girlfriend(s) and its the bloody bane of our existence that turns even the best of us into vulgar monsters. We say things that we think would make our mothers cringe – never, ever knowing they said them too…or at least thought them.

Well, its about time women take pride in their bodies without hiding the very natural functions that should be celebrated. And here’s the story about a group of women who are leading a revolution to tackle the taboo of the monthly cycle.

Forget about “your time of the month,” “the Curse,” and all the delicate and discreet euphemisms for menstruation. Recently, there has been a spate of viral music videos and art from a rising group of female artists who are determined to sing, rap and depict menstruation with (graphic) candor.

From rapping about cunnilingus on their period to putting a full-bush, bleeding vagina on a T-shirt, these musical and visual expressions of menstruation may seem initially jarring and even over-the-top. But they represent a bracing backlash against the blue-liquid marketing culture. Now, a generation of women who began their periods in an age of euphemistic “Mother Nature” ads are embracing menstruation in all of its bloody glory as their way of reclaiming their un-sanitized womanhood.

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