Carbs may Contribute to Feeling Depressed

by Rachel Baker on August 16, 2015

This article is about the affects Carbs and junk food can have on your state of mind. If you are feeling depressed, try eating healthier – it won’t be the end all be all, but it sure might help you feel a bit better, at least about what you are stuffing in your body.

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Study: Carbs, Junk Food ‘Definitely’ Linked to Depression

A recent Columbia University study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that while previous studies have suggested an association between consuming foods high in carbohydrates and sugar and depression risk, “any influence that refined carbohydrates has on mood could be commensurate (corresponding in size or degree) with their proportion in the overall diet.”

The researchers factored in glycemic index (GI) into the study. The GI scale runs from 0-100 and measures the amount of sugar in the blood after eating; highly refined carbs rank higher on the GI scale—and glycemic load, as well as overall carb and sugar intake.

Excessive glucose levels in the body trigger a hormonal response that reduces blood sugar. This same biological response may also trigger or worsen mood changes, fatigue, and other symptoms of depression.

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