Catholic Beliefs at Odds With Vatican Doctrine

by Rachel Baker on February 14, 2014

Here’s an interesting poll showing the Vatican has an ideological gap with Catholics around the world.

As Pope Francis reaches out to Catholics around the world in an effort to reinvigorate the church, the Vatican faces a wide ideological gap with popularly held beliefs in many countries, a new poll finds.

On issues like contraception, gay marriage, divorce and women’s admittance into the priesthood, the church is at odds with a majority of Catholics in many countries across the world, the poll shows.

Over 90% of Catholics in countries including France, Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Colombia favor the use of birth control, a position that opposes official Catholic doctrine. And more than 60% of Catholics in countries including France, Spain, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and the U.S. believe priests should be allowed to marry.

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