Children who sleep more eat fewer calories

by Rachel Baker on November 7, 2013

Here’s an interesting new study which seems to show that obesity and lack of sleep are linked. Its a small study but its worth checking out. There are three links to the information.

A new study finds that children who sleep more may eat fewer calories and put on less weight, strengthening the idea that obesity risk and and lack of sleep are linked.

Led by the Center for Obesity Research and Education (CORE) at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, the study is thought to be the first to look at the effect of sleep on children’s eating behaviors by manipulating their sleep time.

A report on the study is scheduled to appear in a forthcoming issue of Pediatrics.

First author Chantelle Hart, associate professor of public health at Temple’s CORE, says:

“Findings from this study suggest that enhancing school-age children’s sleep at night could have important implications for prevention and treatment of obesity.”

The researchers enrolled 37 children aged from 8 to 11, among whom 27% were overweight or obese, to take part in the 3-week study.

Pediatrics Journal:

New York Times:

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