Cow Tipping is Mathematically Impossible

by Rachel Baker on September 11, 2013

Mathematics has taken on the Cow Tipping myth, and proved the force required to knock an unsuspecting cow down would be far too great for one person to do and if the cow is bracing for it, it would take six people of average strength.

Even if urban legends were right and the animals did sleep standing up – which they do not – it would still take at least two strong men to overturn one, and as soon as the cow responded by bracing itself the task would become even trickier.

In practice it would take six people of average strength to generate enough force to topple a cow, even in the unlikely event the animals allowed such a group to get close enough.

Margo Lillie, a doctor of zoology from the University of British Columbia, and her student Tracy Boechler told Modern Farmer: “It just makes the physics of it all, in my opinion, impossible.”

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