Dan Rather Reports: Gone to Pot

by Rachel Baker on November 1, 2013

Dan Rather has recently done some good reporting on pot and the Environmental impacts of marijuana operations. Here’s his recent article written for the Huffington Post:

Big time marijuana operations are the subject of our latest investigation for Dan Rather Reports on AXS TV. While the diversion of water from rivers is a big concern, the use of toxic pesticides — some banned long ago in the U.S. — to keep anything and everything away from crops is also troubling. These pesticides are poisoning wildlife and contaminating the water supply. We also discovered that these chemicals show up in marijuana that’s not only headed for the black market, but in supplies due to be sold in California’s medical dispensaries.

When you start looking at all these concerns over the environment and the health of individuals smoking pot, it’s hard not to think that whatever we’re doing to control this drug is simply not working.

Unlike other agriculture, there is no crop insurance for marijuana growers. That means that many farmers will use any means necessary to guarantee a return on their investment — even when it means spraying harmful chemicals or draining a creek dry that is home to endangered fish. This needs to change.


Dan Rather’s Website: http://www.danrather.com/ and the Gone to Pot Promo http://youtu.be/BOHzmC2hzxg

Another story on Huffington Post referencing Rather’s foray into the Emerald Triangle:

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