E-Cigarettes: Boon or a Menace?

by Rachel Baker on September 18, 2013

National Geographics has an article about the need for study and awareness about the pros and cons of e-cigaretts.

But that’s not the entire story, he emphasized. “Whereas e-cigarettes are less dangerous than regular cigarettes, in an absolute sense they are negative,” because they contain a number of toxic chemicals and ultrafine particles in addition to nicotine, and secondhand e-cig vapor could be harmful.

Moreover, he continued, “most people who use e-cigarettes also continue to use regular cigarettes; they are dual users. That means they are probably suffering all the risks from smoking.”

There is also a quality control issue for e-cigarettes, both Glantz and Prokhorov agreed. Unlike prescription nicotine patches, no electronic cigarettes have been approved for therapeutic use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


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