Eating the Right Foods for Your Stress Levels

by Rachel Baker on September 27, 2013

Here are nine “eat-instead-of” foods that will help to lower your stress levels without the pitfalls of a pint of ice cream.

Forget everything you’ve heard about stress-eating being a bad thing. If you put the right foods in your pie hole (i.e., not pie), noshing when your nerves are jangling can actually calm you down. And that’s great news, because the last thing you need is more stress, which over time can increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. The following listed below are the best foods to soothe stress and can counteract the damage that chronic pressure does to your body. Stock up on the lot of them so that when the tension rises you can beat stress instead of freaking out.

Editors Note: This article was from November 7, 2007;   but was recently republished by  I hope that the author of this article is in a happier place than she was in 2007. Because of that, I edited the paragraph I added to this post.

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