Emergency Contraceptive Pill Might Be Ineffective for Obese

by Rachel Baker on November 30, 2013

So…this is good to know…particularly if you are over 175 lbs, which apparently constitutes obese.

The Food and Drug Administration says it is reviewing whether the maker of the most widely used emergency contraceptive pill needs to change its label in light of new evidence that it doesn’t work to prevent pregnancy in overweight or obese women.

The word comes as that makers of a similar product in Europe have re-labeled their “morning after pill” to reflect the latest scientific findings that the hormone levonorgestrel starts losing its effectiveness in women weighing as little as 165 pounds and loses it completely in women who weigh more than about 175 pounds.

The realization that the pill doesn’t actually work to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex in overweight or obese women came as sort of an accidental finding of a . It was comparing the effectiveness of several different kinds of emergency contraceptives. Levonorgestrel is also the active ingredient in Plan B, the drug approved to be sold without a prescription and without age restrictions after a decade-long battle.


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