Falling For Zion: Hiking Russell Gulch to the Subway

by Rachel Baker on March 10, 2014

Here’s a fantastic description of a hike at Utah’s Zion National Park. If you are a hiker, this may be a place you’d want to add to your list of “must do hikes”.

Hiking is also a wonderful way to stay in shape. If you live in the area, maybe this is a hike that would inspire all other hikes.

Utah’s Zion National Park is a place of immensity; huge sandstone walls tower far above the valley floor, the sheer magnitude is unreal. Alas, tourists and tour buses are the most common sight to be seen here, yet there are places void of this distraction. Hidden within the shadows and corners of those great spires and pinnacles lie some of the most awe-inspiring places on the planet, where the patience and persistence of water has delicately sculpted eccentric patterns and passageways into the rock. It is here where some of the true wonders of the world exist; hidden hallways, massive alcoves, and soaring walls create a dark and surreal world that few will ever see. It is a place where beauty faults to logic, and I swear some of the walls shift and flow with the warm desert light, as if a dream.

With the sudden shift of a memory, we step back to nearly a decade ago, when I first laid eyes upon one of my oldest lovers; delicate and methodical, caring but dangerous, passionate and persistent. I was young and naive. She was so endlessly wise. We would talk for hours. We shared our secrets. Beneath a sea of stars we would sleep together. Within the confines of the canyons we often walked. Amongst the fluttering leaves of a cottonwood tree she spoke to me. In each ounce of water I could feel her. Inside every grain of sand I held her. The desert of the American Southwest is often personified as a feminine force of nature for a very good reason.

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