Finding the Balance Between Analysis and Intangibles

by Rachel Baker on February 17, 2015

ICYMI, below is an article from last week about why Barkley is wrong about analytics in the NBA.

Here’s the thing about analytics – taken by themselves, while enlightening, they leave out some of the intangibles a player may have that aren’t reflected in the stat lines and the analytic reports. There is no stat for the crafty veteran in the clubhouse who knows how to rally the team and help the rookies develop into the best they can be; but that’s an incredible skill if you are looking to sign a veteran addition to a team.

That said, in sports there seems to be two separate camps – the analysis camp and the non-analysis camp…and they almost never meet in the middle without a whole lot of bickering. I suspect a great deal of front office staffing is a done keeping a balance in mind between the two camps. There’s got to be or the guys with blown knees who will never ever be the same would never get resigned to twilight tours. Right?

Anyway, this is an interesting conversation and I hope it continues. In all sports.

Here’s the Article: Charles Barkley is wrong about analytics in the NBA

Basketball analyst and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is not a fan of analytics.

And that’s probably because he doesn’t understand them. It’s not his fault: he played in a era when technology wasn’t as widespread as it is today. However, smart teams are embracing analytics by hiring smart people to help sift through the ignorance spewed by those like Barkley and others of his ilk.

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