Florida Set to Join Trend Toward Higher Speed Limits

by Rachel Baker on April 28, 2014

I can’t help but wonder why this may seem like a good idea to the Florida Senate. I travel those highways in Florida, and frankly, any higher of a speed limit than what it already is would cause great issues. What tends to happen at this point, is if the speed limit is 70, some people go between 75 and 80; but there are others that speed by at 90 and 100mph with no thought what-so-ever to anyone else on the road.

Here’s what I’d like to know: 1. How many tickets are written for speeding on I95 or the Florida Turnpike. 2. When the speed limit goes up, with the highway patrol actually pull people over for speeding more than 10mph over the speed limit…because right now, I’m pretty sure this is a rarity. 3. Will the highway patrol police the work zones (of which there are many) better than do right now?

Increasing the legal speed limit will only increase the illegal speeds that others travel.   I guess the gist of this story is, if you are planning to travel and drive in Florida, be aware the speed limit will probably be increasing and thusly, you should be careful of the maniacs that think this will mean they can drive at even higher speeds.

The Florida Senate on Thursday voted to give the Department of Transportation the authority to raise the speed limit from 70 mph to 75 on about 1,500 miles of road in the state. If the measure passes the House and is signed into law, Florida’s maximum speed limit could be bumped up above the median for the country, currently 70 mph.

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