From ‘Dead’ to ‘Demons': Bear McCreary on 5 TV-Show Themes

by Rachel Baker on March 23, 2014

Rolling Stones has a really great spread on the genius of Bear McCreary. Who is Bear McCreary(?) you ask. Odds are, you’ve spent a great deal of time listening to much of his work if you have been a fan of sci-fi/horror over the last few years. He hs scored some of the greats!

If you’ve tuned in to the glut of geek-friendly TV shows over the past decade, then you know composer Bear McCreary’s work: the thumping wallop of his drums-driven work on Battlestar Galactica, the creepy-as-hell soundtrack that plays over the zombiepocalypse on The Walking Dead, the propulsive synth-heavy opening music for Syfy’s video-game tie-in Defiance. He’s helped define the sound of both cult and crossover shows for the Comic-Con nation, and if you’ve been lucky enough to catch Starz’s period-fantasy drama Da Vinci’s Demons — in which a studly Leonardo Da Vinci fights cults, hangs out with mystics and somehow finds time to romance a mistress of Lorenzo de’ Medici — it’s clear that this former protegé of Elmer Bernstein can do stately scores in addition to spooky and space-operatic themes.

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