Ghost Town With Liquor License For Sale

by Rachel Baker on November 18, 2013

Have you ever thought you might want to really own your own town? Not just be mayor, but own it? Well, here’s your chance.

All of which helps explain the attention lavished on a new Craigslist ad for the bar and three cabins that pass for the town of Seneca, California: “$225000 Seneca — ghost town with liquor license.”

The owners say there’s not much out there, hours from Sacramento and Reno down a dirt road that no one plows during the winter. The cabins are in bad shape and the bar doesn’t generate any money. They need to move away because it is not a good place “for anyone in shaky health.”

I’m sure it’s beautiful up there. But there area lot of beautiful places. What you’d be buying here is the story of the site more than the gin mill or a spidery wooden structure.

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