Good Music Always Makes Your Heart Beat Faster

by Rachel Baker on June 16, 2015

This is a wonderful article about the benefits of listening to good music. Apparently, cardiologists have discovered that good music actually increases your heart rate, which is really a great thing for heart health.

I’m not sure if the idea of “good music” is subjective or objective in regards to this article, but the whole idea is truly interesting!

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As if there weren’t enough good reasons to listen to music, news has just come from the medical world that music is good for the heart. Research carried out by cardiologists at Oxford University has shown that recordings of certain pieces by Verdi, Beethoven and Puccini actually lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure means less wear and tear on the heart, because it can pump more slowly. However it seems that only slow classical pieces work, preferably ones that show a ”10-second rhythm’’. A fast excerpt from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons had no effect, and listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers actually sent the heart-rate up.

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