Half of Fox News’ Viewers Are 68 and Older

by Rachel Baker on February 5, 2014

This shouldn’t really be too much of a surprise, but this short article is still interesting.  The Frank Rich link is a good opinion read about how “the conservative news channel’s only real power is in riling up liberals, who by this point should know better.”

A key data point from Frank Rich’s profile of Fox News:

Fox News is losing younger viewers at an even faster rate than its competitors. With a median viewer age now at 68 according to Nielsen data through mid-January (compared with 60 for MSNBC and CNN, and 62 to 64 for the broadcast networks), Fox is in essence a retirement community … If it is actuarially possible, its median viewer age will keep creeping upward. (It rose by two years over the course of 2013.)

It’s satisfying for liberals to call Fox News “a retirement community,” and, surely, it is. But the entire cable news industry relies on building a product for ages 60 and up. MSNBC isn’t exactly a nursery.

Various media critics (both professionals of the trade and those who critique for free) like to mock CNN for its poop-ships and long decline, and we chastise MSNBC for trying to play Fox’s game from the left with longer words and fewer viewers.

Check out the remainder of the article here:

Stop Beating a Dead Fox by Frank Rich

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