Here’s Why Your Kids Love Twist and Shout As Much As Your Parents Do

by Rachel Baker on January 16, 2015

Have you ever noticed that a band (bar or coffee shop) has a list of old standards they can play; and those standards appeal to your kids, you, AND your parents?

Have you ever wondered how that can possible be? Well, here’s the answer.

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The unsurprising stuff: The survey subjects reported feeling particular nostalgia for music that was popular when they were children and teenagers. (Think, given that Millennial cohort, the Backstreet Boys.) And they also seemed increasingly attached to the music that was released after their adolescence. (Think: Beyonce, Usher, the Black-Eyed Peas.) “Personal memories,” the authors note, “were closely correlated to whether [music] made participants feel happy and energized”—another way of explaining, to pick a random example, a #sorrynotsorry appreciation of “… Baby One More Time.”

The surprising aspect of the research, though, is that the subjects also displayed a nostalgic attachment to music that pre-dated their own teenage years—music that had become popular long before they were born. The subjects’ music-related nostalgia, the researchers note, features notable peaks and valleys for music created across decades:

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