Hidden Sources of Gluten

by Rachel Baker on October 1, 2013

If you have a gluten intolerance or full blown Celiac disease, you may be getting glutenized and not even realize what the culprit is. Udi’s has an informative post on its blog with a list of red flag items to steer clear of.

Perhaps you’re on gluten-free diet and it seems to be working well for you, but every once in awhile you find yourself glutened yet can’t identify the culprit. Unfortunately, this happens to many Celiac and gluten intolerant folks because of hidden sources of gluten in foods that we might assume to be gluten-free. Where may some of these ninja-like gluten offenders be? In Rice Krispies (although there is now a gluten-free version, but look for a clear gluten-free label), salad dressing, soy sauce, chips, soups, candy, medication, ice cream. Sometimes it can feel like gluten is around every corner.


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