Homeless guides show tourists a ‘hidden’ Barcelona

by Rachel Baker on January 3, 2015

On the surface, this seems like it would be a very odd tour to take. That said, I think it would also be incredibly enlightening and interesting and if ever city in every tourist place in the world had one, maybe we’d be much better off as a global society.

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Ramon Holgado used to sleep outside in a cardboard box, but he is back on his feet this Christmas — guiding homeless-themed tours of the Barcelona streets he lived rough in.

As well as filling them in on the history and showing them some nice views, Holgado, 64, gives visitors an insight into the poverty that has ravaged the Catalonian capital since the economic crisis struck.

He used to be a chef in a luxury restaurant in New York but came back to Spain and ended up homeless after suffering bereavements and a breakdown.

Now he works for Hidden City Tours, an agency that employs four guides who have lived on the streets.

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