Housing Firms Continue Leading in Industry Innovation

by Rachel Baker on September 13, 2013

The Chicago Tribune has an interesting article about two companies who continue to push the envelope in developing innovation to better the housing industry.

Two housing industry companies that enjoyed strong growth during the real estate crisis are tinkering with their business models to continue their success and broaden their customer base as the market’s recovery gains traction.

Marketplace Homes, recently named the 99th-fastest-growing U.S. company by Inc. magazine, still sees its future in helping builders sell homes. But since those companies are having an easier time of it, Marketplace is incorporating home automation technology into the process.

The Livonia, Mich.-based firm made its name by partnering with builders, helping them sell homes to consumers who’d like to move but are unable to sell their existing residences. Marketplace takes over the leasing of their former home for up to six years. It also began a program in which it will sell a homeowner’s property for a 1 percent commission if the seller buys a home from a participating builder.


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