How Building Separate Business Credit Increases Success

by Rachel Baker on April 7, 2014

If you own a small business, you should definitely check this article out – especially if you didn’t know your business has a seperate business credit score than your individual credit score.

Did you know you have a business credit score? Until a week ago I did not. Most small business owners are unaware there is any other alternative than to rely upon personal credit. Forbes contributor Ty Kiisel spoke last week about how to find your business credit score through Experian’s “Intellidex,”the Experian “Credit Risk Score” and Dunn & Bradstreet’s “PayDex” score. He shared the story of a friend with stellar personal credit who was turned down for a business loan due to an incorrect $750 posting that had affected his business score. Who knew?

Yet compared to the FICO system of measuring personal credit worthiness (with a reported 88 possibilities for negative reporting and only six reporting elements that increase positive scores), your business credit rating is based fairly well entirely on how your business pays its bills, which is in actuality much easier to understand and track than the traditional FICO system.

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