In Honor of International Coffee Day

by Rachel Baker on September 29, 2014

Of course, International Coffee Day is a marketing stunt that has many national brands are giving away a free cup of joe.

While you are contemplating that next cup of coffee, take a moment to consider whether or not the beans by which your coffee came from are Bird Friendly®. Here’s the thing, acres of tropical forests are lost to provide us with our ever-loving go-juice; and with those tropical forests go birds and other wildlife. And even when the coffee comes from plantations around the world, pesticides that are sometimes used can be incredibly harmful to birds and wildlife (and to people).

The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center encourages shade-grown coffee production and migratory bird conservation, through its “Bird Friendly®” seal of approval.

There aren’t a whole lot of retailers in the US that have the “Bird Friendly®” seal of approval, but you can download this flyer and ask your local grocer to carry a brand or two, so you can help do your part to save the environment.

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