It’s not OK to pee in the pool

by Rachel Baker on April 9, 2014

Summer is right around the corner and its time to consider the question every one wants to know the answer to. Salon and Quartz has answered the question for us. Pools and Lakes, not okay to pee in…Oceans, okay.

With spring theoretically coming around sometime soon, and maybe even summer after that, the question on everybody’s mind (right?) is: Can I pee in the pool? Michael Phelps, who knows a thing or two about swimming pools, says yes. As he once explained to the Telegraph, ”Chlorine kills it, so it’s not bad.”

But scientists, who know a thing or two about chlorine and other chemicals, say not so fast. According to cutting-edge new research (funded in part by the National Swimming Pool Foundation), chlorine mixes with uric acid to form other, potentially dangerous substances, including trichloramine (NCl3) and cyanogen chloride (CNCl), which are then released into the air as gases. Both are associated with lung problems when inhaled; CNCI can also affect the heart and central nervous system.

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