Kids Are Displaying Body Image Dissatisfaction At Really Young Ages

by Rachel Baker on August 7, 2015

This article is about a month old, but I’m not sure it got near as much play as it should have. Based on a U.K. study, published in The British Journal of Psychiatry, we now know that poor body image seems to start as young as 8 years old. Of course, we Americans can say, well that’s a British study. Right, but…none of us are all that different in this ‘everyone is connected’ world we live in.

We must ask the question, what are we doing to our children that warrants our eight-year-olds to want to diet because they don’t like the way they look? And, why are feeding them such crap that they are dieting thirteen or earlier? These are questions that not just parents need to be asking and trying to find answers to, but all of society.

By age 14, 39% of the girls in the study said they had dieted in the last year

Boys and girls as young as age eight can experience dissatisfaction with their bodies that can predict their risk for eating disorders later in life.

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Kids Are Unhappy With Their Bodies as Young as Age 8

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