Links to Read Before Baking Without Gluten

by Rachel Baker on April 10, 2014

Going gluten-free for reasons other than its trendy is truly a bummer. There’s more to being gluten free than just giving up baked goods and its incredibly unfair to people who have to be gluten free to write a post that makes the concern about never being able to have baked goods again.

Below is one of those posts. There’s good information at the links for baking gluten-free, so I’m re-posting it, but for those of you who think baked goods and pizza dough are the big no-no, then well, do some research about what it really means they can’t have if you have gluten-free friends.

For bakers and lovers of baked goods, finding out you have to go gluten-free can kind of feel like this. You deny it and eat a croissant (and subsequently double over in pain), get angry at your friends for suggesting pizza for dinner, bargain with the food gods for a lactose intolerance instead, lay on your couch all day sulking, and finally come to terms with the news. Once you’ve successfully moved through the five stages of grief, you’re free to embark on a new journey in the kitchen: gluten-free baking. Pies, bread, pizza, cookies, and cakes are all still within reach! These links will show you how.

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