Louisiana Is Struggling for a Disposal Method for the Nation’s Biggest Stockpile of M6 Artillery Propellent

by Rachel Baker on March 20, 2015

So, this should scare the crap out of the people who live in the surrounding areas. If I’m not mistaken, this place is in the NW corner or Louisiana on the border of the state. Colorado has figured out its similar challenge in Pueblo, but for some reason, Louisiana thought they could just maybe set the stockpile on fire and let it burn.

Anyone curious about what the demographics are in Pueblo, Colorado vs the area around Camp Minden, Louisiana?

Here’s the Article: Louisiana Is Struggling To Dispose Of 15 Million Pounds Of Explosive Propellant

The largest stockpile of M6 artillery propellent in the country is sitting abandoned at an old military facility in Louisiana. The New York Times reports that the discarded propellent is slowly deteriorating, posing a potentially explosive problem to the facility’s neighbors.

The solid propellent, an incredibly hazardous material, was accumulated by a now bankrupt military contractor named (appropriately) Explo. The company amassed over 15 million pounds of the explosive over the years, storing it in bunkers and open fields at Camp Minden. As the stockpile aged, it became too unstable to use.

Worried about an explosion, the EPA is trying to get rid of the propellent, which is expected to become an even greater risk after August of this year as it continues to destabilize. The typical way to get rid of M6 propellant is to burn it, but that would release harmful chemicals into the air, and given the huge amount of the stockpile (the EPA estimates it would take over a year to burn the entire thing), the people who live near the Camp aren’t too thrilled with that solution.

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