Microsoft Makes Major Changes in Only Six Days

by Rachel Baker on April 4, 2014

Some pretty impressive changes are happening at Microsoft, and they are happening in a pretty short time span.

In the span of six days, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella has totally shaken up the company.

First, he announced Office for iPad, releasing a touch version of Office for Apple’s tablet before Microsoft had a touch version of Office for Windows.

Then during Build, Microsoft’s conference for developers, Microsoft announced that Windows would be free for all devices with nine-inch or smaller screens.

Basically, Windows is free to tablet and phone makers, just as Android is free to device makers. Really, Windows is more free than Android, since nearly every Android device maker has to pay a patent license fee to Microsoft.

In between those two announcements, Nadella enacted a mini-reorg at Microsoft, shuffling the executive ranks.

These are major changes for Microsoft.

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