Microsoft offers ad-free Bing for the classroom

by Rachel Baker on April 24, 2014

This is excellent. The battle for young minds has actually truly begun. Sure, all the youngun’s want an IPhone (great job, Apple), but it will be fascinating now to see how much Microsoft mobile jumps in the years to come because kids are using bing and microsoft in the classroom.

He who truly wins the young minds will win in the future. It will be interesting to see how this plays out between google and microsoft.

My question is: if my kid is using bing in the classroom, how does that translate with their windows phone? Will there be crossover that will help my child be a better student without even realizing it because of the way she uses her phone?

Microsoft on Wednesday opened a new front against the world’s No 1 search provider by piloting an ad-free offering for educational users of Bing, its search engine that for years has trailed Google.

Under the free program called “Bing for Schools,” students in participating school districts will no longer see ads or adult content when they do Internet searches.

Microsoft, which has signed up the Los Angeles Unified School District and Atlanta Public Schools among other school districts, has pitched Bing as an alternative at a time of rising public concern over how Internet companies are tracking their users’ every move to target the ads they display.

As part of the program, Microsoft will also offer free Surface tablets and course materials for teaching youngsters about Internet use.

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