More Sequels Stephen King Should Write

by Rachel Baker on October 1, 2013

In celebration of the return of Danny Torrance in the new book, Doctor Sleep, by Stephen King, Time has a list of 10 other books that, like The Shining, almost cry out for sequels.

In 1977, Stephen King, already an established horror writer with works like Carrie and Salem’s Lot, saw the publication of The Shining, a wonderfully chilling tale about the terrors that are visited upon a family in a remote mountainside resort. The book got great reviews, was turned into a movie and mini-series, and cemented King’s reputation as a master of the genre.

A (very long) 36 years later, King has returned to the terrifying world of The Shining in a highly-anticipated sequel, Doctor Sleep. The novel revisits Danny Torrance — the psychically-gifted five-year-old who went up against the ghostly residents of the Overlook Hotel is now a middle-aged orderly in a nursing home. Trouble comes calling in the form of a traveling clan of psychic, vampiric creatures — it’s the sort of scary tale that’ll leave us sleeping with the lights on at night and waxing nostalgic for its predecessor come dawn.

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