Native Americans plan to mount largest-ever protest at Vikings game

by Rachel Baker on October 13, 2014

So, every year, we hear about this protests; and every year, we get a little bit closer to maybe the name will get changed.

The protests will be at a Vikings game. Vikings – those who historically raped, pillaged and plundered through Europe – protesting at these games are as humorous as Viking Cruise lines River Cruises up the very same rivers in Europe that the Vikings wrought fear and loathing. The possibility that the Redskin name actually does honor Native Americans as the team owner says is a whole lot more likely than the Vikings name honoring women…but who’s really concerned about all that, right?

But, I wish you luck and hope that one day, your efforts can be celebrated with a new name for the team in Washington.

Native Americans plan to mount largest-ever Redskins protest at Vikings game.

Next month, the Washington Redskins will fly to a state with a governor who has called their mascot racist, drive to a university with a president who wants their moniker changed, arrive at a stadium built with the help of a multimillion-dollar tribal donation and be greeted with what organizers hope is the biggest-ever protest of the team’s name.

Minnesota Native American leaders, student organizations and other activists have been preparing for weeks to stage demonstrations outside the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium, where the Redskins will play the Minnesota Vikings on Nov. 2. Organizers say Native Americans from at least seven states intend to join.

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