Pandora sued by record labels for copyright infringement

by Rachel Baker on April 18, 2014

This will be interesting to watch. If songs recordered before 1972 are in fact protected by state laws, this could be big. And it may not just be for music, it may end up applying to books and other creative works, as well.

Pandora has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit by major record labels, according to The New York Times. The labels contend that the music streaming service must pay license fees for songs recorded before 1972.

The suit was filed in New York state court by Sony, Warner, and Universal, according to the Times. The labels argue that even though older songs, like James Brown’s “I Got You” and the Beatles’ “Hey Jude,” aren’t protected under federal copyright law — they are covered by state laws.

The record labels claim they lose millions of dollars yearly from Pandora, other streaming music services, and satellite radio companies for playing older songs. Many of these songs are played on streaming stations like “Golden Oldies” and “50s Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and the labels say they should get royalties for these pre-1972 songs.

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