Plants might be the key to lowering your blood pressure

by Rachel Baker on February 26, 2014

I’m not completely sure what to think about this article. On the one hand, what is being said makes some sense. On the other hand, the Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center makes this article’s message completely questionable in one small paragraph.

I think its like anything else – everyone’s body is different, and everyone has to figure out what works best for them; and truly, I’m not sure doctors can do anything more than tell us what’s wrong and prescribe pills that may or may not work as well if not better than anything we can do for ourselves if we catch “it” early enough.

“Let me be clear about this. A low carbohydrate diet is quackery,” Dr. Neal Barnard told me over the phone. “It is popular, bad science, it’s a mistake, it’s a fad. At some point we have to stand back and look at evidence.”

Note to self: Don’t ask Dr. Neal Barnard about limiting your carb intake.

“You look at the people across the world who are the thinnest, the healthiest, and live the longest; they are not following anything remotely like a low-carb diet,” he said. “Look at Japan. Japan has the longest-lived people. What is the dietary staple in Japan? They’re eating huge amounts of rice.”

Based on the fact that Barnard is the author of 15 books extolling the life-prolonging virtues of plant-based diets, I should have seen that coming. Apparently I’m one of few people in health media not familiar with his work, and his very clear perspective. I heard about Barnard because on Feb. 24 he and his colleagues published a meta-analysis in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association: Internal Medicine that confirmed a very promising health benefit of being a vegetarian: an enviably lower blood pressure than your omnivorous friends.

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