President Obama Chooses Gay Athletes to Represent Sochi Olympics Delegation

by Rachel Baker on December 18, 2013

The US President is sending gay athletes and others as the country’s delegation to the Sochi Olympics.

In what will be viewed largely as a response to Russia’s discriminatory anti-gay laws, President Barack Obama has selected former tennis great Billie Jean King and former hockey player Caitlin Cahow, who are both lesbian, as part of the delegation to represent the White House at the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

Obama made the announcement Tuesday. King will represent the United States in the opening ceremony, while Cahow will be part of the delegation for the closing ceremony.

The White House’s official release included the following: “An impressive group of officials and iconic athletes will represent our government at the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. We’re honored to assist their participation in any way that we can and certain that America’s elite athletes will put on a great show.”

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