Punk rock duo No Age Almost Bring Down a 100-Year-Old Train Station

by Rachel Baker on September 16, 2013

Concerned they might actually hit high enough decibel levels they could shatter Pittsburgh’s century-old Union Station’s massive skylight, No Age actually had to turn the music down.

Randall and Spunt, 31, have collaborated with Station to Station creator Doug Aitken on several projects, including Black Mirror, which found them performing on a barge off the island of Hydra, Greece, right in the middle of the country’s economic riots (“I worked with four Greek percussionists,” said Spunt, “and every day, they were like, ‘We’re so glad to have a job, but you’ve gotta be really careful.’”) It’s just one of the many unusual locales No Age has performed in the last few years, including the Los Angeles Public Library and a vegan grocery store. The night before the Pittsburgh show, the group played to a cramped, 150-person crowd at a Philadelphia house party. “We can play big places, and do it comfortably,” says Spunt. “We just kind figure it out as it goes.”

That adaptability has served them well on the Station to Station tour. After a blasting (but structurally safe) performance in Pittsburgh, the group would move on to Chicago’s Union Station, where the marble architecture and cavernous ceiling would prompt them to rethink their live show.


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