Radio Host, Discussing Donald Sterling’s Comments, Argues All Racists Must Be Atheists

by Rachel Baker on April 29, 2014

This is a conversation I think is worth delving into. Neither the radio host mentioned nor the person writing the article below are expressing themselves well enough, and frankly both seem to be finger-pointing at the other person’s belief structure.

In an adult world, we all know the following to be true: not all people who believe in religious doctrine are racists, and not all people who don’t believe in a religious doctrine are racists. Thusly, the conversation should be one in which we do question how an INDIVIDUAL can espouse to be someone who believes in a monotheistic god who created us all in his/her image and yet they can be a racist. The hypocrisy should be questioned and should be discussed – and being willing to do so will enable greater understanding between religious believers and atheists. Instead of getting all righteous and pissy, maybe it would be best to be patient with each other and try to figure out exactly where the other person is coming from – not everyone uses the right phrases or the right words all the time, not every one understands what may be offensive because they haven’t really considered the argument from another viewpoint other than what they have experience with. Every conversation doesn’t have to be adversarial, and it would behoove our society to strive harder to understand others way of thinking.

This morning, on Dan Caplis‘ KNUS radio show in Colorado, the host was discussing the (alleged) racist comments made by L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

And in the process, he argued that all racists had to be atheists.

You have to hear this to believe it.

“The roots of this kind of racism, this kind of attitude where somebody really thinks they’re superior to somebody, just because of the color of the other person’s skin? First, what it tells me, you know, my constitutionally-protected opinion about that person, is: they don’t believe in God. Nobody who believes in God can be a racist, in my view, because once you believe God made us, you mean, God made junk? God made somebody lesser just by virtue of the color of their skin? So my starting point is always: All racists must be atheists. They can’t possibly believe in God.”

Read the Full Article Here:
Radio Host, Discussing Donald Sterling’s Comments, Argues “All Racists Must Be Atheists”.

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