Review of book League of Denial

by Rachel Baker on December 20, 2013

With CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) so much at the forefront of sports, specifically NFL and MLB, news right now, a review of the book League of Denial is worth sharing. According to the reviewer, this book will make you want to stop watching football.

The book is League of Denial, from brothers Mark Fainaru-Wada (co-author of Game of Shadows) and Steve Fainaru (2008 recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting), and it is one that the National Football League probably wishes was never written. The book explores the football factory that was the city of Pittsburgh, why it became the epicenter of the NFL’s concussion crisis, and how an improbable character by chance flicked the first domino to set off a devastating chain reaction with which the league is still grappling. Since assisting these two ESPN investigative reporters with research on their book, I’ve replaced my weekly excitement waking up in anticipation of an autumn Sunday morning filled with football to one of mostly disgust.

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