Rudolph the Reindeer Could Really Have a Red Nose

by Rachel Baker on December 25, 2013

For all you kids who are at the age where you poo-poo all over the Santa and the Reindeer story, here’s some possible proof:

The story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer may be based on scientific fact, according to the findings from a new study.

Researchers in Sweden have used thermal imaging cameras to capture the heat coming from reindeer as they graze.

They found that while most of the animals are well insulated by their fur, their noses glow bright orange in the images due to the large amounts of heat they release.

This is because reindeer have a high concentration of blood vessels in their nose and lips to help keep them warm and sensitive when rummaging through snow as they search for food.

Professor Ronald Kröger, a zoologist at Lund University in Sweden, said that in some cases these even led to the animals mule, or snout, taking on a reddish colour in cold weather.

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